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Bathroom accessories... there are many practical and aesthetically pleasing accessories out there to help give your room new life and make your time in the bathroom easier. And there are designer touches you can add to give your room an extra wow factor. Most bathroom companies have accessories to compliment their product ranges so you can be happy that they won't look out of place.

Toilet roll holders

Whilst not all of us like having our loo roll on display, toilet roll holders are a must to allow easy access when required. The main toilet roll holder is often simple in design, however people have been known to be a bit more quirky when it comes to the spare paper holder (though we do not condone toilet roll dolls...).

Towel rings/rails

Towel rings and rails give a place for a towel to hang to dry, and are usually fixed to allow the bathroom user easy access to a towel as soon as they are out of the bath or shower. You may have extra towels stored elsewhere in the bathroom, or in another room completely, but with a towel ring or rail you should always have a towel on hand when needed.

Soap dish/dispenser

This one does depend if you use liquid soap or a bar of soap (it would be pretty hard to get a bar of soap in or out of a dispenser). Both have advantages and disadvantages over each other - with a soap dish you simply put the bar of soap on top of it, whereas you would have to fill the dispenser which can take time. However if a soap bar sits in water it can become "scummy". It's all down to personal preference, although the humble bar of soap is declining in use with the rise of liquid soaps and hand sanitisers.

Shower squeegee

We're often asked for the best way to keep shower doors and screens clear of watermarks, you'll want to make sure there isn't any residual water left on the glass after your shower. We recommend using a good, sturdy squeegee like the ones from Roman or Merlyn, available in a chrome finish they won't look out of place in a modern shower.

Bathroom caddy/basket

When you need a place for all your shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions and potions, a good bathroom basket will provide that little bit extra storage within your bath or shower space.

And then there's...

Waste paper bins

Toothbrush holders

Robe hooks

Toilet brush holders

Grab bars

Essentially a lot of accessories to make your bathroom beautiful and work for all of your needs! We keep all of the above in stock at PHS Bathrooms. Let us help you accessorise your bathroom.

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