PHS Talks; 5 Easy Clean Techniques

We know bathrooms can be a pain to keep clean and tidy, they're a room we often have guests in and so we want them looking their best at all times.

We've put together 5 easy cleaning tips to help your bathroom remain beautiful.

1. Start off with the toilet. Pour some bleach/toilet cleaner into the bowl and under the rim, give it a quick scrub but leave until you've finished the rest of the room.

2. Clean down the mirror and basin using a mixture of water and white vinegar and pour some baking soda down basin to ensure a thorough clean through the pipework too. Flush it with plenty of hot water. If you find yourself having a lot of water marks and streaks on the mirror then used some newspaper (yes newspaper) to buff it and make it shine bright.

3. Bath screens/shower doors can also be given the same treatment. Give baths a quick wipe around incase there is any residue where the water would sit. Shower heads can be put into a bag filled with white vinegar overnight.

4. Buy a spare toothbrush to clean grout lines. For added speed cleaning use an electric toothbrush! Just don't get it mixed up with your normal one.

5. Give the room an airing. Opening a window for a short period each day (weather dependant) will make it feel like a breath of fresh air each time you enter the room.

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