PHS talks; shower enclosures.

There are many different options for shower enclosures out there, from compact solutions for a smaller bathroom or en-suite, to large custom-built surrounds to incorporate a luxurious shower into your day.

Walk-in showers:

Let's start off with what could be the most luxurious option, a walk-in shower. Assuming you've got a fair sized room and don't need to sacrifice space to create a more functional showering area, a walk-in shower enclosure can provide a real wow factor for any room. As simple as one screen, which you can get made to measure, walk in shower enclosures feature clean and stylish lines.

Pivot door enclosures:

Pivot shower doors pivot on two pins (one at the top and one at the bottom of the door) and fit into most bathroom spaces including existing alcoves. Probably the most popular with people looking to update their shower area as they tend to offer the most choice and look stylish in any setting.

Bi-fold shower doors:

Bi-fold shower doors concertina inwards allowing for more space within the room. Ideal for the smaller room, but just be aware of the size of the shower head you're wishing to have and the projection of it.

Quadrant shower enclosures:

Fitting neatly into most corners in bath/shower rooms, quadrant shower enclosures allow for more useful space within rooms. Opening on the curved corner of the enclosure either via a sliding or pivot door, quadrant showers are a great space-saving option.

Sliding door enclosures:

If you have more space in the room then why not look at a sliding door enclosure. You don't lose any space within the shower itself as the door is not opening into the shower. Super stylish and contemporary. With a larger area you could have a spa worthy shower.

Bath screens:

For those that have a bath and shower and want something a bit longer lasting and sturdier than a shower curtain. Stopping water from going outside of the bath footprint, bath screens are a great option to keep the functionality of both bath and shower.

With over 30 shower enclosures on display at PHS Bathrooms we have numerous options to help you pick the perfect enclosure for your room. If you would like to book an appointment with a member of our staff to show you through the ranges call us on 01908 630 008.

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