PHS talks; Shower toilets.

What is a shower toilet? Simply it's a toilet that cleans you.

Geberit have ventured into this next step of bathroom technology with their Geberit AquaClean systems; they offer you the WC that cleans you with water.

Ask yourself what do I wash my body with? What do I wash my hair with? What do I wash my hands with? The answer: Water. Water is instrumental in cleaning our bodies, yet the majority of us will use dry paper to clean ourselves after using the bathroom.

The Mera, Tuma and Sela have been born in order to help you clean yourself more hygienically after using the WC.

With heated seats, dryers, WhirlSpray shower technology, odour extraction, remote controls, economy modes, touchless lids and even TurboFlush technology (providing a cleaner WC itself), the Geberit AquaClean range is definitely one to consider if you're looking at installing a shower toilet.

Shower toilets are quickly becoming the norm in most technologically advanced countries, it's time the UK embraces a cleaner, more hygienic future.

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