PHS talks; Lights!

Let's illuminate you to the array of choices you have for lighting your new room.

Firstly each room has set light zones, you can't just have any light above a shower or bath, you will need to make sure it has the right IP (Ingress Protection Marking) rating, voltage and if required an RCD (Residual Current Device, a safety feature). The first digit tells you the level of protection against access to hazardous parts and the ingress of foreign objects, for example dust. The second digit tells you the protection against moisture.

First Digit (Ingress of Solid Objects)

  • 0 - No Protection

  • 1 - Protected against penetration by solid objects 50mm+

  • 2 - Protected against penetration by solid objects 12mm+

  • 3 - Protected against penetration by solid objects 2.5mm+

  • 4 - Protected against penetration by solid objects 1mm+

  • 5 - Dust Protected

  • 6 - Dust Tight

Second Digit (Ingress of Water)

  • 0 - No Protection

  • 1 - Protected from vertically falling drops

  • 2 - Protected from water drops falling at a max angle of 15°

  • 3 - Protected from water as in the rain at a max angle of 60°

  • 4 - Protected from splashing or projection

  • 5 - Protected from low pressure jets

  • 6 - Protected from high pressure jets

  • 7 - Protected from temporary immersion

  • 8 - Protected against long periods of immersion

Each room is split into 4 zones to help point you in the direction of the right light:

  • Zone 0 - Inside a bath or shower. Any light fitted in this area needs to be at least a rating of IP67, meaning it can be completely immersed and have a low voltage (max 12v).

  • Zone 1 - The area above a bath or shower, with a maximum height from the floor of 2.25m. A minimum IP rating of IP45 will be required for these zones.

  • Zone 2 - 60cm around the perimeter of the bath, shower or basin, up to a height of 2.25m from the floor. A minimum IP rating of IP44 will be required for these zones.

  • Outside zones - any where that does not fall into one of the 3 zones above, where there is not likely to have water splashed onto. There is no minimum IP rating for these areas.

Now let's see the different types of lights:

Ceiling lights - the first thought with regards to room lighting, stick it on the ceiling. But just because everyone thinks of having a ceiling light doesn't mean it has to be average or boring! Check out this beautiful Mashiko ceiling light from Astro Lighting:

Or why not go even fancier and opt for a chandelier?

Wall lights - make a feature of a light installation on one or more of your walls. Some wall lights can be placed within the shower enclosure as well, remember to check your IP rating.

Floor lights - make your room feel bigger by lighting it from the floor up, or showcase a freestanding bath with spotlights. Having lights in the floor gives it that real spa feel.

Mirrors - Many of our favourite mirrors have lights now installed and you can often change the light setting. The ambient LED range from HiB changes from a crisp cool white to a soft warm white in a matter of seconds.

Shower heads - Yes it is even possible to light up your showering time. You can buy illuminated shower heads that change colour with the temperature and pressure of your water, why not wake up with a disco?

Come down and see us at PHS Bathroom Showroom and we can help light up your life.

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