Getting started - the first steps to your new room.

Thinking about updating your bathroom but don't know where to start? PHS Bathrooms; MK's One Stop Bathroom Shop, is here to help.

Here's a few steps you might want to consider when planning your new room:

* Think of the necessary parts first, if it's a complete renovation then this can be skipped over, but to save time and money it is worth considering if you just want a new bath/shower/tap/valve over a whole room. What are the needs over the wants?

* Are you planning on fitting it yourself, managing the project or getting it all done by tradesmen with full qualifications? We can supply if you're planning on the DIY route, or we can work with an installation team of your choosing to make sure they've got the correct products, or we can sort the whole process from drawing to taking pictures of the finished room.

* Have you got a budget in mind? To give you an idea we have a full suite on display in our

bathroom showroom that we can have fitted for £5000.

* What is the current shape and layout of your room? You'll want to look at pieces that will easily work within the room you have and even the way the door opens will effect (to a certain extent) the fittings within the room.​

* Do you have any specific requirements? I.e. would you benefit from having a walk-in shower over a bath, or would you like a higher toilet? There are many easy-access products available that are still contemporary and stylish.

* Do you know the size of the room you're wanting to change? We offer a free measure up service so if you're confused or having difficulty measuring then let us do it for you. Alternatively have the measurements ready to go and we can input them into our design software to start on designing your room.

* It's best to get an actual idea of what the products look and feel like, especially as the space is often so personal. Why not come down to the showroom and check which products you like? One of our sales team can advise you through any of your queries at the same time.

* Do you know when you'll want installation to start? Do not be put off if you're new room cannot be started upon as early as you might like. We work with 15 installation teams to try and make sure the bathrooms we supply are fitted in a timely fashion.

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