Aqualisa was founded in 1976 by Derek Goldsmith. They have been at the forefront of the showering industry since their inception and over the last 40 years have pioneered many of the shower technologies we use today. In the 70's they invented the Bi-Metalic coil, which helps eliminate the prospect of a cold shower, and in 2001 they brought the digital shower to the market.

At PHS we love the technological advances that Aqualisa have made, especially the digital shower which allows the user to get the perfect temperature water fall before they even step near the shower!

Our sales team will be able to give you advice and answer any questions you may have about Aqualisa products.


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Guarantee: Aqualisa offer a years guarantee on all of their products, if they are unregister. To register for an extended guarantee head here.

Our top 3 Aqualisa products:


The Rise smart shower easily allows you to switch between adjustable, hand and drencher shower heads, it also allows you to change the flow rate of each outlet. All handily turned on via remote control.


HiQu allows you to transform your bathroom into a truly modern experience. The HiQu has preset technology allowing you to walk into the shower at the optimum temperature.


Four presets available to allow the right temperature straight away for individual members of the household. You can control your Lux with the water-proof remote, from up to 10 metres away!

With many of the Aqualisa range on display within the showroom you can come down and get a real feel for the quality. Pop in or call us to arrange some time with one of our team.